School Readiness

School readiness refers to the level of a child’s development where they will be able to enjoy and benefit from education beyond long day care. At The Little Kids School we take a holistic approach towards school readiness to ensure your child will be highly competent in all areas of life and learning, focusing on such areas as:

Social and Emotional

Your child will learn to effectively express how they feel and what they need, as well as making friends, and learning to follow guidelines. They will also learn how to be more self-reliant and autonomous by becoming more emotionally aware and secure.

Physical Development

Your child will participate in important motor skill building activities such as running, jumping, balancing and climbing. They will also develop essential fine motor skills including doing up their buttons, zippers and shoelaces, cutting with scissors, or holding and tracing/drawing with pencils. They will also learn how to be safe and practice good hygiene.

Language and Literacy

Your child will develop their vocabulary and ability to speak clearly when talking to friends and adults. They will be introduced to narrative story and book culture, and learn to identify and use written numbers, letters and words.

Mathematical Thinking

Your child will develop skills allowing them to sort and identify objects by common factors such as colour, shape, or size. They will learn to count and understand simple mathematical concepts (such as 5 is bigger than 4, as well as simple addition and subtraction).

Scientific Thinking

The Little Kids School encourages all children to learn through exploration using their five senses of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell to help them gather knowledge and information about the world around them. Scientific thinking will also develop your child’s cognition, helping them to make connections and identify patterns.

Social Awareness

Your child will enjoy learning and understanding their relationship with the local and global community. We teach your child about families, cultures and events that are relevant and interesting to them.

The Arts

The Little Kids School helps children appreciate and develop skills relating to painting, dancing, singing, music, creative storytelling, and performance. We help nurture your child’s natural talents to ensure they get the best head-start when it comes to their creative side.