School Transition

A transition to school program refers to the additional activities that are offered towards the end of the year (November) to help prepare children for a smooth transition to a school environment.

At The Little Kids School the main objectives of our transition to school program are as follow:

  • The most important factors associated with a successful start and continued learning at school relate to a child’s social and emotional development. Therefore, at The Little Kids School the primary objective is to develop and enhance children’s social and emotional development;
  • To develop skills, abilities, and characteristics which promotes children’s ability to become successful learners;
  • To familiarise children with a school environment;
  • To increase awareness of a school routines, rules, and expectations; and
  • To develop realistic expectations of “big school”.

The transition to school program will commence implementation in the first week of November for all children who are attending school the following year.

Lunch box lunches

Parents are welcomed to prepare lunch box lunches for a period of 4 weeks. During this time children will be encouraged to put their empty lunch box in a basket on arrival, collect their lunch box before lunch, manipulate the packaging to open their lunch, dispose of rubbish appropriately and put their belongings away once they finish.

Dramatic play

A dramatic play area will be set up to reflect a class room environment for children to play and explore.

Group time discussions

Regular discussions, stories, and pictures will be explored to increase children’s knowledge and understanding of “big school”.

Ants in the apple

Flash cards and music related to Ants in the Apple will be used to increase children’s knowledge of letters and sounds.

Swapping rest time for quiet activities

Table top activities will replace rest time. As other children will still be resting children will participate in quiet activities that promote school readiness skills.

Caring for belongings

We encourage you to teach your child to pack their bags to bring to the centre. A picture checklist of hat, jumper, lunch box etc. This will help to remind them of what’s needed and teaches them to care for their own belongings. We also encourage you to teach your child to collect all their belongings at the end of the day rather than you collecting them.